Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amsterdam for New Years

Hey all,

Amsterdam sounded like a good place to be for New Years. After a small chat, my roommate and two canadian girls we met, we're on a train. Last stop: Amsterdam central station.

We arrived about 8:00 pm and headed to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. I wanted something to fill me up so our british waiter recommended the "American Cheese Burger." Knowing I would feel a little guilty for ordering a hamburger when I was in The Netherlands I did it anyway. It was far from a good burger, but it filled me up!

Now its time to hit the town!

It was packed..... and many of the people we meet were tourists as well. 

One thing was for sure, the whole city was ready to party. 

After stopping by a coffee shop we hit up a bar called the London Bridge

After hanging out for a while, we were told to go to a place called Museum Pline. Apparently this place is where you wanna be for New Years. We heard it was a long walk but we're down for an adventure!

On our way we walked through a place called Dam Square. There were tons of people lighting off fireworks and getting crazy.

Finally we made it to the Museum Pline! We did a little cutting in line and made it inside three minutes before New Years! Countdown was awesome, heres a video!

After jamming out to the DJ we headed back towards the train station making a stop at the London Bridge again for more fun. 

The Amsterdam Central Train Station was packed!! I've never seen so many people crammed into one space. People were sleeping everywhere. 

We all made it back at around 8:30 am and slept all day long!

I hope everyone else had a great new years, 2011 will be filled with greatness!

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