Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Train Ride

Here a picture of my ticket:

Utrecht was the first city we hit outside of Amsterdam:

The train ride was filled with creative art!

The more I saw, the more I realized how densely populated the country really was. Before my trip I learned that there were 60 million people in a country the size of indiana but it did not hit me until the ride. I do not want to create the image of a tightly packed country but rather a country containing modestly sized cities and rural farm areas in between. That sounds familiar... oh yeah that sounds like Wisconsin! The Netherlands is similar to Wisconsin in that very way but instead of traveling through 50 miles of farms to get to the next city you only had to travel 10 or so. 

Upon arrival I took a taxi to the Brink Residence and proceeded to take the best 5 hour nap I've ever taken :D

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