Thursday, December 30, 2010

Airport Shmairport

My plane ride to Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) was extremely smooth. Customs was easy and getting my luggage was even easier!
I had taken the red eye flight, 6:02 pm (CST) to 9:20 am (Netherlands zone), and without any sleep on the plane, I was feeling a bit..... fatigued.

As I walked through the airport my next task began to dawn upon me. Now its time for me to make it from the airport to my place of living:

The Brink Residence!

Stadsbrink 1 
6707 AA Wageningen

How to do this? 
I had heard down the hop vine that there were was a train at the airport that would take me there and that was exactly the case.

The time was about 9:40am

I finally found the counter for train tickets. As I waiting in line I observed two guys about my age from great Britain. They had very thick british accents and for some reason these accents put me on edge! Why do they sound so angry when they speak? I thought. I felt prepared to throw down in case they wanted to brawl.... maybe I've watched green street hooligans too many times.

After a ten minute wait, I walked up to the woman working the ticket counter. Excitement filled me as I realized this was my first experience in the dutch world! I choked on my words and murmured "Can I have a ticket to Wageningen?" the woman quickly answered "One way or two way?" I replied, "One-way." she printed off my ticket and told me to proceed to platform three. She also mentioned something about one train leaving in around 15 minutes and another at 10:something. I walked away flustered and wondered if my ticket would take me all the way there, would I have to transfer trains? I'll just get on and hope for the best, I thought. I passed platforms one, two, three, four, five, and six. "hmmmm" I said to myself. Where is platform seven? Why can't I find platform seven!? Wait a minute, what platform am I supposed to go to again? Crap! Granted I  was very tired and flustered I had still managed to pulled an infamous Craig Schneider! I couldn't for the life of me remember what platform I was told to go to! Why can't I listen to peoples response the first time?! because I'm half my father....

I walked back over to the line and waited for 10 minutes to speak with a different ticket master. "Hello, I just bought my ticket and I'm wondering which platform it is?" her response, "Platform 3, and you have....... 1 minute." I said goodbye and turned to run for the train. Platform three was very close to the ticket booth. I took the escalator down to the platform but as I expected, there was no train. I slowly walked back up to the main floor, and over the ticket line once again. Now I had to get back in line for a third time and figure it all out once again. But, the third time is always the charm because I managed to catch the 10:40 train to Wageningen and embarked on the rest of my journey

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